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back The template of your website most likely has a center section where you enter your main content, but then you may have a left column, a right column, or both. Did you know that you can use this area for content as well? 

Click here for an example.
1. Navigate to the page that you would like to enter content on the side bar.
2. Click Edit on the admin bar. After Edit Article fully loads, select the Template Data tab that appears above the toolbar.
3. You will notice that there are four boxes labeled ##custom1## through ##custom4## in the Custom tokens section.
Most themes do not use all of the custom boxes.
You can enter some text in each of the custom boxes to figure out which custom boxes are associated with an area of the page and which custom boxes are not being used. This is different for each theme. After adding some text to each of the custom boxes click Publish. This will help you determine what areas are associated with the custom boxes.

The editor toolbar in the custom areas functions the same way as the editor toolbar in the main section of the website. You can create links, add pictures, and much more. Once you have finished, click the Publish button.  If you are still working on the page and need to leave it for a while then you can use the Save Draft button.