Setting the Access Level of a Page
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Setting the Access Level of a Page
Pages set up with user level access cannot be seen by the public. The page can be seen by a user while being logged in to the website.

1. Navigate to the page; click the Edit link on the Admin Bar.

2. After Edit Article fully loads, click the Properties tab.

4. Find the Access section. Click on the Require Login box. Additional settings will appear:

5. Click within the User Level Access field and a drop down with the four user levels will appear, select a level. Or, click on the Select All button to include all user levels.

6. Click Publish to save.

The levels listed correspond to the User Account. If a page is set to Member, only the user accounts with Member level will be able to view the content of the page. Visitors without access experience a screen that states they do not have adequate permission to view the page. A link to Login is available; they will use their Email and password to log in to the page. This scenario applies to all of the user levels.  
The user levels work as a hierarchy. If a page is set to Member, user accounts set up with an access level above Member will also be able to view the page. 

Any subpages underneath the restricted page won’t have the same restriction. If a page is created for “Members Only”, each subpage will need to be set with the security level to Member.