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Shopping Cart
With the shopping cart, you can run an online store and also take donations.

Adding Items to the Shopping Cart
Before you begin you will need to be logged into the website and you will also need to have the shopping cart module activated.

1. From the Welcome Menu, click on the Shopping Cart link.

2. Next click on link that says Add/Edit Cart Items. Here you will see a link that says Add Product and you will click on it.

3. On this page you will fill out the information for the product. In the upper right hand corner, there is a drop down menu where you can set the product as active or inactive.

      a. Title – this will be the name or title of the product or service. This is a required field.

      b. Description – this should be a shorter description that will show up on the shopping cart list of products. This is a required field.

      c. Detailed Description - this will be a longer description and will show up in the product detail page. This is a required field.

     d. Start Date and End Date – the start date will automatically be the day’s date that you are adding the     product. You can adjust this to have a delayed display in the cart. You can also enter an end date to have the product removed from the list at a certain time.

     e. Product Number – this is optional. If you have product numbers, you can enter them here.

     f. Product Image and Product Thumbnail - depending on the setting of thumbnail used, you can upload     below one auto-resize image or two separate images (one for product image and one thumbnail). Click 'Browse' button to select a local image file(s) from your computer. Usually you will upload just an image under the             Product Image and the system will auto resize it to include a thumbnail.

     g. Taxable – here you can select whether your product will be taxable.

     h. Shipping Charge – Here you will select whether your product will have a shipping charge added.

     i. Category – your shopping cart can have multiple categories for organization. Here you would select the category that the item will be placed under.

     j. Price – this is where you will enter the price of your item.

     k. Sale Price – you can set up sales on the shopping cart for different items. Here you would enter the new sale price for the item.

     l. Sale Start and End Date – if you enter a sale price, you do need to specify a start date and end date. These are the days that the sale price will be available.

    m. Discount Volume – the number that you enter in this box will be the number of this item a person has to enter in order to receive a discount.

    n. Discount Value – the number that is entered in this box will be subtracted from the original price if the person orders the number entered in the Discount Volume box.

    o. Free Item (no Add to Cart button) – you can make items free by selecting Yes from this drop down box.

    p. Product Type – this is where you can set up products to be downloaded, mailed, or both. By default, this box is set to Service. This is what the box will be set to if you aren’t providing an item that is downloaded or mailed. If you select the download option, the person will have to pay for the item and then they will be able to download it.

    q. Download Link – this will be the link that the person will receive so that they can download the file that they have purchased. The format for this link will be: The files that you place on the website for download will be stored in the Transaction folder under Image and File Management.

    r. Download File – you will need to click the browse button here and find the file that you would like to place on the website for people to purchase.

   s. Download Size – here you can fill in the size of the file so that people are aware of approximately how long it will take to download depending on their computer and Internet connection.

   t. Comment Intro - fill in a comment intro if you want a comment text area for this product to show on the detail page. This is useful when you want to allow customers to enter comments on specified products (like color, size etc.)

   u. Keywords – this is used to enter keywords related to your shopping cart. These are used in the public cart search.

4. Once you have filled in all of the information that you would like for this item, you will click the Add button at the bottom of the page. This will add this item to the shopping cart to be purchased by visitors.

Editing and Deleting Items in the Shopping Cart
You can edit or delete any of the items that you have added to the cart.

1. From the Welcome Menu, click on the Shopping Cart link.

2. Then click on the link that says Add/Edit Cart Items. This will take you to a page that will display all of your items and some of the information for each of them.

3. To edit an item, you will click on the name of the item. The icon in the second column of the table will allow you to view the item as it would appear to a visitor on the website.

4. Once you are finished editing an item, you will simply click the Save Button. If you would like to delete the item, simply click the Delete button at the bottom of the page instead of the Save button.

Adding Product Variations
An example of a product variation would be if the visitor can select the color or size of the product that they are purchasing. You can add product variations only after you have added the main product. You will need to go to the Add/Edit Product Screen and select the product you wish to edit from the list.

1. Click on the Product Variations link beside the Price box.

2. This will take you to a page where you can add variations. First you will click on Add Variation and you will enter a Title into the title field. Example: Color. Once you have entered in the title, click Save and Exit.

3. Then you will see your variation on this page with an Edit link beside it. Click the Edit link.

4. Now you will need to enter the different variations that the product has. You will enter each of these as an Attribute. If you have multiple colors of an item, you will add each of these colors as a separate attribute.

     a. Rank - you can also rank these attributes. The attributes will be displayed in a drop down menu, so you will have to decide what order you would like them to appear in.
     b. Sign - the plus sign will add an additional fee to the price of the item. The subtraction sign will decrease the price.
     c. Value - the value will the amount that will be either added or subtracted to the price of the product.

5. Once you have entered in all of the above information, you will place a check in the box in front of the Attribute box and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

6. Now that you have added all of the Product Variations for this product. You should still have the Edit Item page open. You will need to click the Save button at the bottom of that page as well.

Making the Shopping Cart Available to Visitors
In order for visitors to access the shopping cart, you will need to create a link to the shopping cart page. You will need to create the link using the following as the URL: This will take visitors to a page where they can view all of the items that you have for sale and select the ones that they would like to purchase.