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To activate the log in screen for Small School Minder, you will need to complete the process listed below.
1. You will need to be logged into your Adventist School Connect website as an administrator.
2. From the Admin Bar, click System.
3. Click on Modules Configuration. As you scroll down this page you will see that the modules are listed in two groups. The upper list contains the active modules and the lower list contains the inactive modules. Locate the module titled Student Reports Online and click on it.
4. When the page refreshes, change the status setting in the upper right side of this page to "active". Now click the “Save & Exit” button at the bottom of the page.
5. To access the module, click Content on the Admin Bar. From the drop down menu click Student Reports Online.
6. Now you must decide where you would like to link to Student Reports Online Module so that parents can access it. You have 2 choices: make it a navigational link or make it a text link from one of the pages on the website.
Making the Student Reports Online a Navigational Link
1. On the Admin Bar, click System
2. From the drop down menu click Site Configuration & Navigation. Once you are on this page, click the tab that says Navigation.
3. This will take you to the screen where you can add a navigational link. 
a. You will need to look in the first column that is labeled Title and locate an empty box. In that box you will type the text that you would like for people to click on to access the Student Reports Online.
b. In the next column, URL, you will finish creating the link by clearing out any text that is in that box and typing this link: asc-ssm-student-grades.php
c. Once you have typed in that link, you will click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You can then test the link by clicking on it. It should appear as part of the Home, About Us, etc.
Making a Text Link to the Student Reports Online
Begin by navigating to the page where you would like to create a link. Once the page loads, locate and click the Edit link at the top of the page.
1. Once the page loads, locate and click the spot on the page where you want to place the link. Type out descriptive words for the link you will be adding. For example the words “Click Here” may be all that is needed or it could be an entire sentence.
2. Now you will need to highlight the words or the sentence that is to become your new link.
3. Once the text is highlighted, click the Link icon, located on the toolbar. A pop-up box will appear. (Make sure that you have your pop-up blocker disabled for this site.)
4. Select URL from the drop-down box labeled Link Type.
5. From the drop-down box labeled Protocol select <other>.
6. Type asc-ssm-student-grades.php in the URL box.
7. Select the "OK" button. Your link is complete. Publish the page to save the changes.