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back You can link to the gallery page so that visitors can see all of the different galleries that you have created. What if you want to insert a gallery on a page that talks about the actions in the pictures or you would like people to view just one gallery somewhere on the website? You can create tokens for the different galleries to insert them on the different pages.

1. From the Welcome Menu, click the Photo Gallery link. Then click the Tokens link at the top of the gallery page.

2. Next click the Add new token link in the middle of this page. This will take you to a page that has two tabs.

3. First on the Main tab, you can select a preset from the drop down menu at the beginning of the page. You can use the presets to help you create your token. There are four options for sizes. You can also choose to show the controls for the gallery. The controls are the buttons that allow a person to play, pause, skip ahead, etc. If you have a specific size that you want to use for the token, you don’t need to select anything from the Gallery Type box.

4. Next you will select the gallery that you are creating the token for out of the drop down box. Then if you have a specific size that you would like to use for your token gallery, you will enter it into the height and width boxes.  These boxes are calculated in pixels.5. You can also change the background color for the token gallery.

6. Next you can go to the top of the page and click on the tab that says Advanced. You don’t have to make any changes on this page. This page just has additional settings that you may wish to use.

7. The first box asks if you would like to display controls for this gallery token. You can select either yes or no. If you select no, the visitor will have no way to pause, play, or advance in the token. In order for this to work, you will need to make sure that your selection on the Main tab matches your selection here.

8. The next box will ask you if you would like to show the gallery icon link. This is a link that the visitor can click on to view the other galleries that you have created.

9. Next you choose whether to show caption or now. If you have chosen to give the visitor controls, they will be able to turn the captions on and off based on their preferences.

10. The next box allows you to add a link to the token. This link can take the visitor to another website or a page on your website. You can also click the autofill link next to the box if you would like to link the visitor to the larger version of this gallery.

11. Next you can choose to have the token start when the visitor comes to the page. If you choose not to automatically start the token, the visitor will need to click the play button to start the slide show.

12. The next section allows you to change where the thumbnails are displayed for the token from the drop down box provided. You can also change the font and frame color. The font color controls the text that tells you how many seconds you have set between images. This feature will only show if you have given your visitor controls. The frame color controls the frame that shows around the thumbnail that is being displayed.

13. In the next box you can enter the number of default seconds between images in the gallery token. If you have given your visitors controls they will be able to change this on the page as well.

14. The next box allows you to choose a width for the frame around the picture. The number that you put in this box will be calculated in pixels, so it is better to leave it a low number. The default is no border or a border of zero.

15. In the next box you can choose the color of the arrow that moves the image forward and backward.

16. Next you can choose to have the image that is being displayed change when a visitor rolls over the thumbnail. By default the visitor must click on the thumbnail to change the image.

17. Once you have made all of the setting changes that you wish, you can click the Save & Exit button at the bottom of the page.

18. This will take you back to the Tokens page. You will now see your token displayed. You will then want to highlight the token. The token will be in this form . Each new token will be issued a new number. Once you have the token highlighted, you will copy it by either right clicking and choose copy or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C.

19. Next you will go to the page on your website that you would like this token gallery to appear on and click the Edit link at the bottom of the page. Then you will place your cursor where you would like the token to go and either right click and choose paste or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +V.

20. Finally you will Save and Publish. When you save and publish you should be able to see the token gallery that you have created.

Editing a Token

To make changes to the token gallery, you will just need to go to the Photo Gallery page and click the Tokens link. Then you can click on the Title of the token gallery that you would like to edit. You won’t need to paste the token again. The changes will automatically be applied when you click Save and Exit.

Deleting a Token

You can delete a token by editing that token and clicking the red delete button at the bottom of the page.