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You will need to be logged into your website as an administrator to configure the member directory.
  1. The first check box will allow only logged-in members to view the directory. If this box is left unchecked, all your visitors will see the directory.
  2. If you want each member to be able to edit their own information, check the second box. This setting places a new Directory tab in the Edit My Profile section of the website.
  3. You may choose to include a second line of information as well as a title for that information. This will be searchable in the directory.
  4. You can indent the second line by choosing yes in the dropdown box.
  5. Extra information such as church office, children, hobbies, etc can be added to the additional boxes provided for more information. These will be viewable and searchable in the directory. You will be able to enter a list of appropriate information in each extra field for each person you include in your directory.
  6. Next you can set the width and height for the images you use in your directory.
  7. Members have the opportunity to print the directory as a PDF file that is generated with the font and size you select in the next box.
  8. Click the Save & Exit button to keep the settings you selected.


The first part of the Configure section talks about importing and exporting. You can create an Excel spreadsheet that contains the information that you would like to import into the directory. You can also export all of the users that are in User Management by clicking the Export link. This will export as an Excel spreadsheet. After you import data, the system won’t import identical data. This means that if you try to import again the system will only import new and unique records. It will not import duplicate data.
  1. Click on the Import link.
  2. Then click on the Browse button. This will browse your computer so that you can find your csv file containing your member data. It doesn’t matter what your file is named. It does need to be saved in csv format though. Your spreadsheet should look similar to this:
  1. Once you have selected your file, you can customize the email that is sent to everyone who is being imported. This email will contain the person’s user ID and password so that they can log in as a member of the website.
  2. Then click the Next button. On the next screen, the system will show you the information that it is about to import. You will want to look over this information to make sure that it is correct. If everything looks good, you will need to scroll horizontally to see the button that says Accept data, and import. This process may take a little while depending on how much information you are importing.
  3. Once the import is finished, the system will tell you how many records or people were added and whether there were any duplicate entries found. After the import is complete, you can go to User Management to view all of the people that you have added. Any changes that you need to make from now on will be made under User Management.