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back The Features module allows for images to display in random order when the page/article is refreshed.

Getting Started

In the Customize Pane, find the Features links. The number of links depends on the theme selected. Click on a Features link, and the Feature Set Details will load. In the image below, the Meadow theme is used as an example.

The Features module link is available through the Admin Bar. Click on Content, from the drop down menu click on Features.
Features Set Details
This page includes a list of the active items in the feature set, stock images/photos that randomly display in the theme, and the dimensions for the images/photos. This page allows you Add, Replace, or Delete images.
Images/photos using dimensions other than what is recommended may not appear optimally.

Add an image

Scroll down and click Add an item. ‚ÄčThis will open the Add a feature page.

To the right, by default the status is set to active. Do not change this setting or the image will not display.

The features module does not use the Item title, Description, and URL fields. Those fields are not required, and may be left empty.
Find the Image dropdown menu. You may Select from images that were previously uploaded to Images & Files in the Features folder. Or, click on Choose File to select an image from your desktop.

Feature Set - Do not change; this automatically populates. 

Click Save to add the image to the random rotation.

Replace an image

The image you want to use needs to be previously uploaded to Images & Files in the Features folder. 

Click on the title of a preexisting image. This will load the Edit feature page.

In the Edit feature page, scroll down and click on the Image dropdown menu and select the image you want to use.

Click Save to keep the change.
Delete an image
  1. Click on the image title; this will load the Edit Feature page.
  2. Scroll down and click Delete.
  3. A prompt confirming the delete will display in a pop-up window. Click OK to proceed.

Inserting the Feature onto a Page

To insert a feature of any kind onto a page, you will use tokens. Each element of a feature set has a token. The numbers on these tokens will change depending on what set they are in. After you have added a feature set, the system will generate these tokens for you to copy and paste. Here is a link of the tokens and what they will insert:
You can add as many feature sets as you need with as many items in each set as you need. To link a feature set you without showing the URL, you will simply insert the token and create a hyper link using the token as the URL in the dialog box. This is helpful when you would like to link a picture for people to click on.