Knowledge Base Configuring the Photo Gallery
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back There are certain settings that you can change on the photo gallery to customize it for your website and your visitors. You will first need to log into your website and go to the Welcome Menu, from your Welcome Menu, click on the Configure link beside the Photo Gallery link under the Photos and Media heading.

1. This will take you to a page with several tabs at the top of the page. The first tab is the Default view.

a. First you can give your main Photo Gallery a name, like My Church’s Photo Gallery or Church Life. You will type this title into the box labeled Intro Title. This will show up on the main gallery page where the list of active galleries appears.

b. Next you can type some intro text if you would like. This isn’t required. This is usually just a description of what the galleries will show a visitor.

c. The next box on this page is a drop down box that will determine how the galleries display on the main gallery page. You can choose from these options: newest, most popular, or title. By default the galleries will show in order of when they were published with the newest gallery displayed first.

d. In the next box you can decide if you want to show a thumbnail beside the title of the gallery.

e. Then you can decide whether you would like the first thumbnail or a random thumbnail to show beside the title of the gallery.

f. Finally you can choose what template is applied to the gallery page.

2. You can then scroll to the top of the page and click on the tab that says Player Config. This tab allows you to change the presets for how the flash player for the gallery will look.

a. First you can change where the thumbnails display by selecting one of the options in the Thumbnail Position box.

b. Next you can select the font and frame color. The font color will be applied to the Intro Title and Text. The frame color will be applied to the frame that goes around the thumbnail that is selected.

c. You can also change the background color. This is the color that will appear around the player. By default this color is black.

d. Next you can change the size of the gallery. You should only need to change the size of the gallery if you have specific design needs.

3. You can now scroll to the top of the page to select the next tab which is Advanced Player Config. Here you can change additional control settings.

a. First you can change the default seconds between the photos by entering a number in the text box.

b. Second you can decide whether you would like to give the visitor access to the controls of the gallery. The controls of the gallery are the features that allow visitors to play, pause, and advance in the gallery.

c. Next you can decide whether to display the gallery icon link. This is a link that will take the visitor to the main gallery page.

d. You can also decide whether you would like to show the captions for the photos. If you have enabled the controls for the photo galleries, the visitor will also be able to decide whether to show captions.

e. Next you can decide whether you would like to have the gallery start automatically when a person selects the gallery. If you select not to automatically start the gallery, the visitor must click the play icon for the gallery to begin.

f. The next box allows you to choose a width for the frame around the picture. The number that you put in this box will be calculated in pixels, so it is better to leave it as a low number. The default is no border or a border of zero.

g. In the next box you can choose the color of the arrow that moves the image forward and backward.

h. Next you can choose to have the image that is being displayed change when a visitor rolls over the thumbnail. By default the visitor must click on the thumbnail to change the image.

4. You can then scroll to the top of this page and click the Advanced tab. This tab asks if you would like to create custom thumbnails. If you select no, thumbnails won’t be created based on the photos that you upload. The default setting is to create custom thumbnails.

5. Once you have made all of the changes that you wish to make, click the Save and Exit button at the bottom of the page.