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back Automatic Media Player Instructions

1. Add the following code to the bottom of the template(s) or at the bottom of Edit Article:

Audio Player Javascript Code
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2. Edit a page and add a link (or multiple links) to an audio or video file.

3. Here is a sample:

YouTube Video
MP3 File
This player only works with MP3 files and
Using Themes with a Carousel?

With the introduction of the new responsive Themes with a carousel, you may want to link a carousel slide to an MP3 file or YouTube video. There may be an issue with the default CSS code. The link could cause the carousel image to change size or move location from where it was intended.

If you experience this issue add the following code to your global.less file.
.ywp-page-img-wrapper {
display: block  !important;