Podcast Bar
Podcast Bar Instructions:

A newer version of the Podcast Bar is available for Themes.  It is designed to be responsive.  If you are using Templates use the information on this page.  If you are using themes Click Here.

To learn if you are using themes or templates, click System on the black Admin Bar at the top of your website.  You will have one of the two options listed:
 - You are using Themes -  Click Here.
 - You are using Templates please continue on this page.

For Template users:
These are the files and written documentation to make the fancy podcast bar happen:

1.  Setup Podcast module

2.  Add a new podcast - Be sure you have at least one podcast in place

3.  Download these files to your computer:
podcast_scripts.js               sermon_block_separator_btn.png
sermon_block_bg.png           sermon_block_overlay_btn.png  
sermon_block_icons2.png        sermon_block_latest_bg.png

4.  Now upload these files to your "template" folder.

5.  Once uploaded, double click on "podcast_scripts.js" to edit it in the "Source Editor" and change the podcast channel to match your website addres typically: (replace "YourSchoolChurch" with your address).

6.  Copy, and paste the following CSS code to the bottom of your "Global CSS" (you can edit as needed)
Global CSS

note: In this code we placed comments to help you edit the code if you wish and they always begin with /* and end with */

7.  Add the following code to the bottom of the template (If your template ends with "</body>" and "</html>" place the code just before these tags):
Bottom of Template Javascript Code

8.  Add the following cade into the template where you wish th have the "Latest Sermon Bar" to display:
Head Code

9.  View in awe what God has created through you!