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Updating the content of your web pages can be easily done by using our WYSIWYG Editor Toolbar.  The toolbar allows you to create or edit existing content using techniques similar to the skills used when editing a document in a word processor.

There will be quite a few buttons that will be familiar to you - such as Bold or Italics. Other buttons will be new and will take a bit of learning to understand how to use them. This page is an excellent resource to help you familiarize yourself with these new functions of the editor toolbar.

Full Editor Toolbar

Full Editor Toolbar

Compact Editor Toolbar

If you have a team of users updating the website then we suggest that you use the Compact Editor Toolbar.  This will allow you to limit your editor and author users to specific text styling formats.  Not only will the font be consistant throughout your website, it will also make your website easier to manage.

The Editor Toolbar Explained

As you look over the toolbar on this help page you will notice that if you move your mouse over an icon a box will appear with the name of the tool inside of it.  If you click on the icon, the page will jump down to the corresponding icon and give you detailed information about it and how it works.

Maximize/Minimize Editor Window Icon Server Preview Icon Select All Icon Cut Icon Copy Icon Paste Icon Paste as plain text Icon Paste from Word Icon Undo Icon Redo Icon Bold Icon Italic Icon Underline Icon Strike Through Icon Superscript Icon Subscript Icon Text Color Icon Background Color Icon Remove Format Icon Find Icon Check Spelling Icon Align Left Icon Center Icon Align Right Icon Insert/Remove Numbered List Icon Insert/Remove Bulleted List Icon Decrease Indent Icon Increase Indent Icon Link Icon Unlink Icon Anchor Icon Image Icon Table Icon Insert Special Character Icon Insert Horizontal Line Icon Form Icon Checkbox Icon Radio Button Icon Text Field Button Icon Text Area Button Icon Selection Field Button Icon Hidden Field Button Icon Button Icon Formatting Styles Icon Paragraph Format Icon Font Name Icon Font Size Icon Show Blocks Icon Insert HTML Code Icon Source Icon


Working with a Document ^ back to editor
Icon Name Description
Maximize/Minimize Maximize or minimize the size of the editor window in the browser.
Preview Shows a preview of the content in the editor window in a web browser.
Select All Selects all of the content in the editor window.
Cut Cuts the selected item from the content section in the edit window.
Copy Copys the selected item to the clipboard.
Paste Pastes content copied from another location into the editor window with formatting.
Paste as Plain Text Pastes content copied from another location into the editor window as plain text.
Paste from Word Pastes content copied from Microsoft Word into the editor windown with formatting.
Undo Undos the most recent action performed.
Redo Redos the most recent action performed.
Remove Format Removes the formatting of the selected text.
Search/Replace Searches for a word/phrase in the editor window.  Replaces a word/phrase in the editor window.
Spell Check Checks the spelling of the text in the editor window.
Text Styling ^ back to editor
Icon Name Description
Bold Applies bold formatting to the text.
Italic Applies italic formatting to the text.
Underline Applies underline formatting to the text.
Strikethrough Applies strike-through formatting to the text.
Superscript Applies superscript formatting to the text.
Subscript Applies subscript formatting to the text.
Text Color Changes the color of the text.
Background Color Changes the background color of the text.
Styles Button Applies CSS styles to text and images.
Format Button Applies <h1> through <h6> html tags to text.
Font Button Applies font styles to text, e.g. Comic Sans MS, Courier New, etc.
Size Button Changes the font size of the text.
Layout ^ back to editor
Icon Name Description
Left Align Aligns the text to the left of the page.
Center Centers the text in a cell, column, row or on the page.
Right Align Aligns the text to the right of the page.
Full Justify Aligns the text to the left and right margins of the page.
Decrease Indent Decreases the indentation of the text.
Increase Indent Increases the indentation of the text.
Horizontal Line Inserts a divider line (horizontal rule).
Miscellaneous ^ back to editor
Icon Name Description
Numbered List Creates a numbered list.
Bulleted List Creates a bulleted list.
Link Creates a hyperlink to an item.
Unlink Removes a hyperlink from an item.
Anchor Inserts an anchor into the editor window.
Image Inserts an image into the editor window.
Table Inserts a table into the editor window.
Special Characters Inserts a special character or symbol into the editor window.
Form Elements ^ back to editor
Icon Name Description
Form Inserts a new form into the document.
Checkbox Inserts a checkbox into the document form.
Radio Button Inserts a radio button into the document form.
Text Field Inserts a text field into the document form.
Text Area Inserts a multi-line text area into the document form.
Selection Field Inserts a selection field into the document form.
Hidden Field Inserts a hidden field into the document form.
Button Inserts a button into the document form.
Advanced ^ back to editor
Icon Name Description
Show Blocks Shows all block-level elements in the document.
Insert HTML Code Inserts HTML code into the page at the cursor location.
Source Changes the view mode from toolbar (WYSIWYG) to source mode.