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back The carousel manager displays a series of rotating slides on the homepage of a website. Each slide can be linked to a different webpage, module, or document. The images, links and descriptions can all be easily changed by the person(s) that have been granted access.

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On the admin bar click Content, from the drop down list select Carousel Manager.
If you are navigating to the Carousel Manager from the theme modifier, please continue to the How to add an item (new image) section.
The List Carousels page lists the active items in the carousel set, including stock images/photos and additional information about the set. There are two different actions you can take: ‚Äč
How to add an item (new image) [back to top]

Click Add an item at the bottom of the page.

On the Add a Carousel page, fill in the Item title, Description and URL text fields. Your theme may not use all the fields available.

The URL field will need to be in one of the following formats: Your theme may include a More button, which displays with the description.Image - Select the image from your desktop by clicking on the Choose File button. The dimensions of the image are important. Crop images to the specified dimensions on the theme selected.Thumbnail - Themes do not use thumbnails; you may disregard this option.

Active on and Inactive on - Allows for the image to start and stop displaying on a specific date.

Rank - Allows you to display images in the order you choose. Begin the order with zero; this will be for the first image to display. Assign a one to the next image and it will be the second image to display, etc.

Carousel Set - A number will automatically populate in this field. Changing this number will create a new carousel; your image will not be included in the rotation.

Edit - This is the Save button.

How to replace an image [back to top]

The dimensions of the image are important. Crop images to the specified dimensions on the theme selected.
  1. Click on an existing carousel set title.
  2. Next, click on the image or title to replace the image. This will load the Edit carousel page. Scroll down and click the Choose File button, and select the file name you want to use from your desktop.
  3. Alternatively, if you uploaded the image to the carousel folder in Images & Files, click the Select... drop down menu to select an image.
  4. Click Edit to save the change.

How to delete an image [back to top]

Deleting an image removes it from the rotation, however does not delete it from the carousel folder in Images & Files.
  1. Click on the image title; this will load the Edit Feature page.
  2. Scroll down and click Delete.
  3. A prompt confirming the delete will display in a pop-up window. Click OK to proceed.