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The Organic theme features additional links within the footer that can be modified and displayed at the bottom of every page of the website.

1. Getting Started
From the Admin Bar at the top of your website, select System and then click Themes.

If Organic is listed in the Available Themes section then you will need to complete these steps: Select the Organic theme listed in the Installed Themes section. 

Under the Preview & Customize button, click on the Advanced HTML Editor link.

2. Advanced HTML Editor
In the Edit Theme: Meadow page locate the Layouts section, and click default.html link.

In line 83, find the script {% include "partial/footer-simple-nav-partial.html" %}

Remove the word simple and replace with the word complex.

Click Save button.

Next, in the Partials section click footer-complex-nav-partial.html.

This will display the HTML code with the four different sections, change the Page title between the h4 tags. Example: <h4>Pathfinders</h4>

3. Links 
Insert the URL (web addresses or article number). The pound sign or hash tag (#) is replaced by the web address or article number (article/15).  
     • Link to Page = article/x (x is the article number)
     • Link to Module = name.php (“name” should be replaced with the title of the module such as prayer.php, gallery.php, calendar.php, or podcastlist.php)
     • Link to a document = site/1/docs/file_name.pdf (in this example the "file_name.pdf" file was uploaded to the Docs folder)

Also, replace the four words "Article" with descriptive wording.

4. Preview
Click the Save button in the bottom right corner.
Click on the  Preview button and verify the links are . If the preview fails to load properly, review the changes.  

Note: DO NOT close the Edit Theme page until preview correctly displayes your website!