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back This theme was created by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It presents a beautiful visual identity that corresponds with the General Conference's website. The carousel makes it easy to highlight your church's ministries.

1. Getting Started

From the Admin bar at the top of your website, select System and then click Themes. Locate and click on Adventist Framework 2.

If the theme is listed under the Available section you will only have the option to Preview & Customize it.

If the theme is listed under the Installed section you will also have the option to Set as Live Theme and Uninstall.
Select this button to see how the theme will look on your website and to customize to it. Note: This does not make the theme live.
Set this theme to be live for all visitors to see and experience immediately.
Select this button to discard all customizations and set the theme back to Available for the future.

2. Customize
Color Selector
The Accent Color is not currently used anywhere in this theme, but may be used in the future.

To change the accent color click on the square color box. Select a general color from the rainbow bar and then select a shade in the larger box.
  • Alternately, if you know the hexadecimal color code you can enter it in the box in the bottom right corner.  
  • Once you have a new color selected, click outside the color select area.
The Carousel link will open to the List Carousel page which allows you to replace or change existing images for the set you choose to edit. Click here to learn how to use the carousel.

3. Update Preview - Cancel, Save, Publish

Click Update preview to see the changes and to gain access to the Cancel, Save, and Publish buttons.
Clicking this button will update the preview pane and will also reveal another set of buttons.
  If the theme is Not Live, the following buttons will appear.

If you made changes:

Cancel will abandon all changes and return to the list of installed and available themes.

Click Save to keep the changes to the theme and return to continue modifying the theme at a later time.

Click Publish if you made changes to the theme and want to publish it for the world to see your design.

If the theme is Published (theme is live and the world can see the design), the following buttons will appear.

Clicking on Cancel will abandon all changes and return to the list of installed and available themes.

Click Publish to apply the changes to the live theme.
If you added URL links in Internet Services, social media icons with links to these services will automatically appear on every page of your website. Learn More »