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back 1. Getting Started

From the Admin bar at the top of your website, select System and then click Themes. Locate and click on Obsidian.

If the theme is listed under the Available section you will only have the option to Preview & Customize it.

If the theme is listed under the Installed section you will also have the option to Set as Live Theme and Uninstall.

Select this button to see how the theme will look on your website and to customize to it. Note: This does not make the theme live.
Set this theme to be live for all visitors to see and experience immediately.
Select this button to discard all customizations and set the theme back to Available for the future.
2. Customize

The Obsidian theme allows customization to colors, four feature areas, and the carousel.

Color Selector (Accent and Secondary Accent Color)
To change any of these colors, click on the square color box. Select from the rainbow bar a general color and then in the larger shade box select any shade of the color.  
Alternately, if you know the hexadecimal color code you can enter it in the box in the bottom right corner.  

Need help selecting colors? 

TinEye Labs allows you to upload an image and will display a color palette for some of the colors identified in your image.

Adobe CC Color allows you to create custom color palettes, explore other custom palettes, and save your library of palettes.
‚ÄčOnce you have a new color selected, click outside the color select area to lock in the selection.

Below the carousel are four feature areas and each one can be customized to link.

Feature Buttons 1 - 4
Each feature button set has five customizable areas: 
Headline - type the title you wish to change in the appropriate box. Click outside of the text box and the preview pane will refresh.

Description - type the description you wish to change in the appropriate box. Click outside of the text box and the preview pane will refresh.

Image - To change any of the images you can either drag and drop another image onto the existing image or use the Upload button. The Upload button lets you browse for an image from your computer. 
Feature Image size: 390px x 113px
Crop Link  
The loaded images can be cropped to display in large, desktop, tablet, and mobile views. For more information click here

Link - Link boxes allow you to change where a link is set to go. You can change the sub links (left, middle, and right) to any page, module, or document on your site.
The field allow you to link in the following formats:
  • To a website other than your own, enter the entire address. Example:
  • To a page that is part of the website, enter a short URL. Example: article/# (a number).
  • To a module, an example of this type of link is gallery.php, devotional.php, prayer.php, and calendar.php.
Link Text - type the link text you wish to change in the appropriate box. Click outside of the text box and the preview pane will refresh.


The Carousel link will open to the List Carousel page which allows you to replace or change existing images for the set you choose to edit. Click here to learn more about the carousel. 
Image size: 
660px x 364px

3. Update Preview - Cancel, Save, Publish

Click Update preview to see the changes and to gain access to the Cancel, Save, and Publish buttons.
Clicking this button will update the preview pane and will also reveal another set of buttons.
  If the theme is Not Live, the following buttons will appear.

If you made changes:

Cancel will abandon all changes and return to the list of installed and available themes.

Click Save to keep the changes to the theme and return to continue modifying the theme at a later time.

Click Publish if you made changes to the theme and want to publish it for the world to see your design.

If the theme is Published (theme is live and the world can see the design), the following buttons will appear.

Clicking on Cancel will abandon all changes and return to the list of installed and available themes.

Click Publish to apply the changes to the live theme.
If you added URL links in Internet Services, social media icons with links to these services will automatically appear on every page of your website. Learn More »
4. Advanced Options

The Obsidian theme features additional options for links above the footer that can be modified and displayed at the bottom of every page of your website. Pictured below is the Obsidian theme in Desktop View with some additional links.

» Click here to see an example.

From the Admin Bar at the top of your website, select System and then click Themes.

If Obsidian is listed in the Available Themes section then you will need to complete these steps: Select the Obsidian theme listed in the Installed Themes section. 

Under the Preview & Customize button, click on the Advanced HTML Editor link.

Advanced HTML Editor
Click the headline.html link under the Partials section.

Here you will see 18 lines of code:

Headlines, Links, and Text
The headlines for the three columns are replaced in lines 2, 8, and 14. 

The pound sign or hash tag (#) is replaced by the web address or article number (article/15).  
Also in lines three through five, nine through eleven, and fifteen through seventeen replace the words "Link Here" with descriptive wording.

  1. Click the Save button in the bottom right corner.
  2. Click on the Preview button and verify the links are correct and that everything else works correctly. If the preview fails to load properly, review the changes.  
DO NOT close the Edit Theme page until preview correctly displays your website!