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back The survey module acts as a data collection feature that allows you to gather information from visitors. This module can be used to take registration, receive feedback, or submit other types of requests. It is very simple to use and the information is stored on the website, where you can later export it and store it on your computer.

Adding a New Survey

Before you begin, you will need to make sure your survey module is activated and you are logged in as the administrator.

1. From the Admin Bar, click on Content, from the drop down menu click Survey. This will take you to the Survey module main screen. If this is your first time on this page, there will be no surveys displayed.

2. At the top of the screen there will be three links: List/Edit, Add, and Export. We will want to click on the Add link. This will allow us to create a new form or survey.

3. The first field you will see on this page will ask you to enter a Survey Title for your form. There is a checkbox beside the field that asks if you would like to display the title. If you would like to display the title, you will click in that checkbox. The title of the survey will be how you identify both on the front end of the website to visitors and also how you find it in the list if you have more than one survey.

4. In the upper right corner, there will be a dropdown menu where you can set the status of the survey. Open status means the survey is ready to be filled out. Closed status means it is no longer available to visitors. If the status is set to closed, the survey will still show in the list for you as the administrator to edit.

5. Underneath the status box, you will see two boxes that allow you to set a beginning and expiration date. These are not required fields, but if your form needs to expire on a certain date, you would need to fill these in. These boxes are useful for registration forms for events.

6. You will next need to select a Template for the page where the survey will appear. We suggest using the admin template, which you can select from the dropdown menu. Choosing the admin template will give you plenty of room for your survey to display.

7. The Question Numbering box next to the template selection box allows you to decide if you would like to number your questions. This could be useful if you are creating an assignment for students or you need to be able to easily reference questions in the future.

8. Now we are ready to start formulating our form. The next box you will see is labeled Page Title. You can enter as much text in this box as you need. This box is usually used if you need to provide any sort of explanation about the form, such as the form's purpose or what this information will be used for. You can also choose to display this text by checking the box beside it.

9. Next you will want to click the Add Field button. This button is located just below the Page Title field. When you click on this button, a box will appear on your screen for you to customize the field you are about to add. Below are the options available in this box:

a. The first item is a dropdown menu for you to select the type of field you are creating. The first type of field is a Preset field, which means you don’t have to do any customizing. We recommend using the Preset options for name fields because this will help when you get to the Manage Records section. The other types of fields in this box are as follows:

i. Antispam – displays an image with a code. Visitors must fill the code into a box in order to complete the form. This feature is designed to reduce spam submitted through the form.

ii. Checkbox – displays several options and visitors are able to select multiple options.

iii. Hidden Field – is used for commands for the form.

iv. Radio button – gives visitors several options like the checkbox. However, they are limited to choosing only one.

v. Selection Field – dropdown menu with several options. Visitors will select one and it will display in the box as their selection.

vi. Text Field – displays a box where visitors can enter text.

vii. Text Area – displays a large area for visitors to enter large amounts of text. This is used for messages and comments.

b. Once you have selected the field you want to create, the rest of the window will change depending on which option you select. For most of the fields, you will simply enter in a title. For fields with multiple options, you will enter each option individually and determine in what order you would like them to display.

c. Next you will determine if the field you created is a required option. If it is required you will need to check the box labeled Required. If an option is required, the system will not permit the form to be submitted without that field. For some fields, you can also check the box labeled Email Address. If this box is checked, the system will verify that the email address is valid. This option doesn’t always show up. It only shows when it is possible to enter an Email Address.

d. You will also see a small plus sign next to the word Options. If you click on this plus sign, you will see additional options. You can add post text and pre text to your fields and you can also place a class or style on the field.
The Class Field is not functioning as it should. At this time, please leave the field blank.e. One of the nice features is that you can preview the field you are creating at the bottom of this window. If you see something that you don’t like, you can change it right away. Once you have completed these steps, you will click the Save button either at the top right corner or bottom right hand corner of the window. The window will go away and you will be back to your survey page.

f. You will repeat these steps for every field you are adding. However, if you are adding a field that is very similar to one you have already added, you may want to use the Duplicate Field option that will display next to the Title of each field. This will save time. You will also see next to each field two checkboxes: delete and active. You can delete a field simply by checking the delete box and you can inactivate a field by checking that box. Inactivating a field will mean that it shows on the edit screen but not on the form itself. You can also change the order of the fields by clicking in the gray area around the field and dragging it to the position you would like.

10. At the bottom of this page, you will notice an additional button that says Add Page. This button would be used if you have a large form, such as a school registration form, and you need to divide it into sections. The visitor would be required to fill out the required information on one page before continuing to the next page.

11. Once you have created all fields and customized the form, you are ready to save by clicking the Save and View button at the bottom of the screen.

Linking to Your Survey

To make your survey viewable to visitors, you will need to create a link to it. When you create a survey, you are creating a PHP page which is what you will link to. To determine the link, go to the List/Edit page on the Survey module and click on the View link beside the Survey you would like to link to. Then you will highlight the address that displays in the address bar of your browser and copy it. Finally, you will go to the page where you want to create your link and edit that page. Once you have the link dialog box on your screen, you will simply paste the link you copied into the field labeled URL.