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When you create a page on your site, and you are ready to save the page into the system, you have two options for saving your file:

Save and Publish - This option is available to administrators, and editors who have been given access to this article. Pressing this "Save and Publish" button will publish the changes you have made live to the website, for the public to view.

Save as Draft - This option is available as a shadow copy of the webpage. It is available to site administrators and editors who want to work on a page but not display the work in progress to the public via the website. When you have an article as a draft, the editor remembers this alternate version (or shadow copy). When you edit this page at a later date, the draft "text" will be loaded into the editor window. At the top of the window, you will be alerted of this with this text:

Now editing the DRAFT version. 

The compare link will popup a window that loads both the "published" version and the "draft" version side-by-side in the same window. You can easily compare the content from each page this way.
Save as Draft is the only option that Authors have. When they are finished they will click the Save as Draft button and their changes will go to the admin or editor for approval.

Load Published - Once you edit a page that has a draft version, you will see a new button at the bottom of the page: "Load Published". Pressing this button will refresh the screen with the version of this page that the public is now able to view. Clicking this option, and then Save and Publish will remove the draft version. In Published mode, the button becomes "Load Draft" which will reload the draft version. These buttons do not save your pages, but simply refresh the screen with the other version that was not active on the screen.