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back Before you begin make sure that you have the Prayer Request module activated on your website and that you are logged in.

The Prayer Request module will allow you to receive requests for prayer from the visitors on your website. You will simply need to configure the module and create a link to it.
  1. Click on the Configure link beside the Prayer Request link on the Welcome Menu.
  2. The first section on this page will let you enter introduction text. This text will appear at the top of the Prayer Request page.
  3. The next section asks you to decide whether you would like to allow visitors to view the requests that have been submitted. If you select yes, visitors will be able to view the requests that others have submitted. You also have the option of requiring approval before the requests become viewable by visitors. If you select yes, you will need to enter an email address in the box labeled Approval Email. This person will receive an email notifying them that a prayer request has been submitted and there will be a link in the email they can click to approve the request. The email will also include the information that has been submitted through the prayer request page, so that it can be reviewed before approval.
  4. Next you can choose whether to use the antispam feature. This feature inserts a code that changes each time you refresh the page. The person that is filling out the prayer request form will be required to fill in the letters and numbers that the code shows. The purpose of this code is to discourage spam messages.
  5. You can also fill in email addresses for prayer team members and the pastor. If you don’t add any email addresses in these boxes, these options won’t be displayed as part of the form. If you do add the pastor and prayer team email addresses, these people will receive an email with the prayer request information in it so that they can pray for the request.
  6. Next you can edit the text that goes along with the options for sharing the prayer request. The first box contains text for the option of sharing the request online. The second box contains the text for sharing the request with the prayer team. The third box contains the text for sharing the request with the pastor. These options will be displayed as text boxes that the visitor can choose from. They can only choose one and they are required to choose one.
  7. You can then decide if you would like to send an email to the person who fills out the prayer request form. You can also customize this message by changing the information that appears in the box labeled User Message.
  8. Next you can select the template that you would like to apply to the prayer request page from the drop down menu labeled Template.
  9. When the visitor is filling out the prayer request page, they are able to select a category that their request will be placed in. You can click the link that says Edit Categories to change or add to the categories.
  10. Based on the categories that are in place, the visitor will see several Bible verses on the screen after they submit their request. You can edit this text and these verses by clicking on the link that says Edit Verses. You will simply type in the new text into each box associated with the category and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  11. The last box allows you to set a maximum number of search results that will display. The administrator is able to search through the prayer requests after they have been submitted and the number in this box dictates how many requests are shown at one time.
  12. Once you have changed any settings that you would like, you will click the Save and Exit button at the bottom of the page.
  13. If you would like to test the prayer request form, you will need to log out of the website and go to the prayer request page to fill it out. If you remain logged into the website, the system will assume that your request is approved since you are logged in. Testing the form is a good idea to make sure that the emails are being sent to the correct people.

Linking to the Prayer Request Module

When you activate the prayer request module on the website, it is only visible to individuals with a user profile on the website. The last step in setting up the prayer request module is to make the page available to visitors on the website. You will do this by creating a link to the Prayer Request page. The link for this is prayer.php. You can decide what type of link you would like to create.

» Click here to view instructions for creating links on the website.