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Adding a User Account  
With User Accounts, several people can contribute to the website. Each person can have a separate account with unique settings and preferences. User accounts control what type of changes can be made on the website.

Click on the titles to see an example.

1. Getting Started
Click Management on the Admin Bar, from the drop down menu click User Accounts. On the User Account page click the Add button.

2. Add User Page
The Add User page required fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password fields. Click Submit to save.
User Level
Select a user level:
Administrator – has full access to the site, no restrictions on content or design. Changes to the site are immediately displayed. The Admin level is able to add users, set page and user level access.

Editor –access to pages/articles are set by an Administrator. When an Editor saves the changes they have made on a page, the changes become public immediately. 

Author – access to pages/articles are set by an Administrator. When an Author saves the changes they have made on a page, the changes are sent into approval status and must be approved by either an Editor or an Administrator on the website.

Member – can access pages that have been set to members only access. This type of user isn’t able to make changes on the website. They can simply view content that the public can’t.
Select a Status level:

Active - the default setting for a new user. The new user may login immediately.

Inactive status - saves the information but the user won’t be able to login.

Unapproved status - a new user requires approval and won't be able to login.

These fields are not required.

This field is required. The email address needs to be valid and this email address will also be the user’s ID to log in with. The email address needs to be complete;

Password and Password Confirmation
The fields may be left blank, the system will generate a password to send to the user. The user can change their password when they log in. You can also manually enter a password into this box if you would like. 

3. Access Tab
For Authors and Editors click on the Access tab to designate certain pages and features.
a.      In the Articles section, click on the drop down menu: Select to grant access. Selecting one of the main pages, the author or editor will have access to that page and all subpages/child pages underneath that page. 
b.      Also on this tab, designate access to modules. Place a check next to the boxes that the user will be able to do.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. This will create the user’s profile and send an email to user with their log in information.

4. Additional Options

Email Validator
This is not required to add a user. Validating emails confirms that the email exists to a real user.

Send Email?
Checking the box send the user an email with their login information.

Edit the fields in the user account, or click on System, and from the drop down click on Site Messages. In Site Messages, find the Signup Email section to edit the fields in Add or Edit User account.

From - displays the Admin email from Site Configuration & Navigation.

Subject - displays as the subject in the recipients email.

Email Text - originates from Site Messages. Here are the tokens that are included in the message:
##Name## - inserts the user's name
##Loginlink## - inserts the URL with the suffix /login
##User name:## - inserts the User ID
##Password## - inserts the user's password
##Admin name## - inserts the Admin name creating the account
##Admin site## - inserts the site name

For a list of tokens, click here.