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back The settings and features available in the Calendar Module vary depending on User Level. Contact your web administrator for access to the Calendar Module.

Using another calendar service? Click here for instructions to importing Google, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars.

Getting Started
Click Content on the Admin Bar; from the dropdown menu click on Calendar of events. On the Admin Bar, click Add Event. 

This will load the Add New Event page with three tabs. Click the title of the tab to jump ahead to that section:
Main Tab - the details of the event will be added in this tab; date, time, description, contact info, and share event.

Location Tab - adding an address in this tab will include a link to Google maps.

Settings Tab - settings in this tab allow the calendar to be included in tokens, link a document, and select the User Level to view the event. The event also includes additional settings from the Configure page. Click here to learn how to Configure the Calendar

Exceptions Tab (not shown): the tab displays after the event is submitted/created. To view this tab, navigate to the Event Detail page for the event. Click on the 
Edit event on the Admin Bar.


Main Tab
The main tab has four sections: Quick Add, Recurrence, and Event Details.

Quick Add
Enter a brief description of the event, and the module will populate the Event Detail fields with the information provided.


None - the default setting, this is for a onetime event, the event does not reoccur.

Daily - enter the dates in the Start Date and End Date fields.

Weekly - select the day(s) of the week, dates are entered in the Start Date and End Date fields.

Monthly - select the day of the month, dates are entered in the Start Date and End Date fields.

Yearly - select the month and the day, dates are entered in the Start Date and End Date fields.

Monthly Periodic - the event occurs on specific day(s) of the week, on a specific week of the month, dates are entered in the Start Date and End Date fields.

Yearly Periodic - select the day(s) of the week, the month, the week of the month, Start Date and End Date fields.

Event Details
Enter the details of the events in this section. The Description area functions as a word processor. Click here for more information about the Editor Tool Bar.

Please Note: 
Event Name or title and Start Date are required fields; left empty, the title of the fields will change to a red color. Populate the fields to create/modify the event. Click Submit to save.
Contact and Share the event fields
These fields allow for a person's contact information to be included in the details of the calendar event. The Share the event escalates the event to the conference or division.


Location Tab
Enter the information in the fields, and the module will remember the Location for the next event. Or, select a previously entered location from the drop down menu.


Settings Tab


Place a check mark in this box and the event will be included where a calendar token is used. For a complete list of tokens, click here.

Associated Document
The options include selecting a document previously uploaded to the docs folder in Images & Files, or upload a new document from your computer desktop.

Select a category from the drop down list. The calendar page allows visitors to filter the categories. A visitor can select one of these filters and the calendar will show only the events that have been added under the selected category. 
Please Note: You may add more categories by clicking Categories on the Admin Bar.

Level needed to view
Select a User Level, and the event will not be visible to the public.

Submit to save.


Exceptions Tab

The tab displays after the event is submitted/created. To view this tab, navigate to the Event Detail page for the event. Click on the Edit event on the Admin Bar. 

The Exception Tab is useful when modifying a reoccurring event, and having the change saved to a specified date(s). 

Add a new date that this event does not occur on
Click on Select, the drop down list displays the dates the event occurs. Click on a date, the selected date will not display on the calendar page. Click Submit to save.

Which of the events should be changed be changed
Check the box to save the change made to the reoccurring event on a specific date.

An example: Board meetings occur the first Tuesday of every month. Suppose the board meeting in April has a time change; edit the event, change the time in April event. Add a check to the box in this section, and click Submit; this saves the change to only the details for the April board meeting. Click 
Submit to save.