Search engine optimization

You’ll want people to be able to easily find your church’s website on the Internet. To accomplish this, you’ll want to add your domain name to Google. Visit to add your URL to Google. Choose keywords that effectively describe your site for people to see when it appears on a search. The better your site is designed and arranged, the higher it will appear in search engine rankings.

We have created a sitemap that is made especially for Google. You can tell google about this file on your site, which will improve Google's indexing of your site.  For Google to find this file you will need to switch a couple things, here is what needs to be done:

First, log into the site.  On the Admin Bar, click on System.

From the drop down menu click Site Configuration & Navigation.  On the Main tab, the Domain name field is the primary domain name for the site. And the remaining domain names, including the original domain name we assigned to the site in the Domain alias(es) field. Please note: Separate multiple domains with a comma (you may only have one).  To finish, click Submit.

Visit Google Webmaster Tools and in the field on that page, type in your domain name and sitemapxml. For example:

Having your church’s website linked to from other websites will also increase your ranking. Make sure that your church or conference clerk updates with your domain name so it will automatically be linked to from the official Adventist website.