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back Before you begin to use the photo gallery module you will need to make sure that you have activated it on your website and that you are logged into the site with your password and user ID. The photo gallery module is FREE. It is also important to note that if you upload images directly from your digital camera, these images are usually very large. The website will resize the images slightly, but if there is a visitor with a slow Internet connection that views your slide show with large images it will take a very long time to load the gallery. Therefore it is important to size your images down before placing them in a gallery.
  1. On the admin bar click Content, from the drop down menu click on the Photo Gallery link.
  2. Next you will see links at the top of the page; List | Add | Tokens | Configure. To add a new gallery with photos, you will want to click on the Add link.
  3. This will take you to a page where you will put in information about the gallery that you are creating. A gallery is a set of pictures that have something in common or a theme. Next you will type in the title of the gallery. Examples: Church Picnic, School Play, Church Life, Easter Weekend, etc. You can also type in keywords that will assist someone if they are searching for the gallery using the site search feature on your website or in a search engine. The keywords need to be separated by commas.
  4. In the upper right corner you can set up a start and expire date. This would be useful if you want the images to show for only a certain period of time. When the gallery expires, the images will still be stored on the website and you as the website administrator will still have access to the gallery so you can always make it active again.
  5. Also in the upper right corner is a drop down box for the status. You can set a gallery as inactive if you aren’t ready to publish it on the site yet. If you have given an author the ability to create photo galleries, the galleries will be created as unapproved until either an editor or administrator approves it.
  6. If you scroll down a little bit, you will see the rest of the page where we can add our photos. You can add them either one at a time by using the Browse button and the Add Caption box. You can also add multiple images by clicking on the button that says Add Multiple Slides. When you click this button a box will come up that looks like the Multiple File Upload box that you can use in Image and File Management. In this box you have the ability to upload up to 100 megabytes of images by clicking the Browse button to browse your computer and then the Upload button to place the images on the server.
  7. If you are using the Add Multiple Slides button, you will be able to add captions once the images are placed on the page. They will have a corresponding thumbnail as well.
  8. The images that you add to galleries are stored in the Gallery folder under the Image & File Management section that you can get to from the Content link on the admin bar. The only way to delete an image from the Gallery folder is by deleting it from the gallery that it was added to. Once you are finished adding the images that you would like to display, click the Save & Exit button.
  9. On the next screen you will see your gallery and you can click on the title of the gallery to watch the image slideshow. You can also edit the gallery by clicking on the Edit link that appears under the text that tells you how many images are currently in the gallery. Note: you can always upload more images at a later date.

Deleting a Gallery

If you need to delete a gallery, you will need to click the Edit link under the title of that gallery. Then on the next screen that shows you all of the images in that gallery there is a Delete Gallery button at the bottom of the page.
Deleting the gallery will also delete the images from the Gallery folder associated with the gallery that you delete.