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back The member directory module displays people that have been added to the user management database on the website. When a person is added to user management, they are set up with a password and user ID. Each person must have a unique email address for their user ID. For couples that have only one email address, we recommend that you create a combined profile for them.

There are two ways that you can add people to the member directory.

You can either:
Add a person by going to User Management and clicking the add link.


You can import a csv file with all of the information in it.

If you are adding members using the import feature, you can skip the next section and fill information into the spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should look similar to this:

Once you have the information in User Management, you will need to create a directory listing. From the welcome menu, click User Management. Locate and click on the name of the person you wish to add to the Online Directory. If the person you wish to list in the Online Directory is not currently a member, you will first need to add them.
  1. Click on the Directory tab located at the top of the section.
  2. Click the checkbox to include this person in the online directory.
  3. List the first name of this person. The last name of the person will come from the last name that was entered as part of their user profile information. The online directory will also display the information from the main tab in the person’s profile to show an address, phone number, and email address.
  4. The next boxes will contain any additional information that you would like to display. The type of information is designated in the Configure section of the Member Directory.
  5. You can include a photo for this person. Click “Browse” to search your computer for the photo to be uploaded and used for this person. The photo will be uploaded and inserted when you click the Save and Submit button. The picture that you upload needs to be close to the dimensions that you specified under Configure. The system will adjust it slightly, but if the image is a lot larger or smaller than the set dimensions, the system will reject the image. You may need to resize the image prior to adding it.
  6. If you chose to include any additional information, the boxes will be shown here for you to type in more information.
  7. Be sure to click the green Save and Submit button to save your changes.