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Edit Profile
A user account is set up with minimal information; first name, last name, and email. Updating your profile immediately after the first time logging in is recommended.

Click here to see an example.

To access the Edit Profile page, on the Admin Bar, click your name, from the drop down click Edit Profile. The tabs vary depending on the modules and other settings that are activated.

Account Details Tab

Update Password
1.  In Edit User, scroll down to the New Password and Password Confirmation boxes. 

2.  Type in a password that will be easy to remember but difficult for others to figure out. Avoid predictable passwords; use a mix of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. 

3.  Click the Submit at the bottom.

Update Address and Phone
The address fields are not required.

The Member Directory Module utilizes the Address, City, State/Prov, Zip, Country, and Phone fields. The Member Directory Module will need to be activated in order for the contact information to display in the module.

Newsletters Tab

Place a check mark next to the email newsletter title to which you would like to subscribe.

Click Submit to save.

Preferences Tab

Click on the drop down menu and click on a language. Selecting a language here only effects the individual user. It does not translate content. It does change system links and system content to the language selected.

Editor Height
Enter a number to set the height of the editor window in Edit Article.

This allows the user to display a unique Username in the Comment box.

Disallow Comments
Adding a check mark to the box disallows the user to submit comments to the Comments section on a page. 

To activate or inactive the Comment section click on the Advanced tab. Find the Comment section and add a check mark. 

Click Submit to save.

Note: If your profile states "Your status will be set to unapproved if you submit", speak to the web administrator about updating your information.
Administrators: to allow changes without approval, go to Site Configuration & Navigation, click the Options tab. In the User Accounts section, check Allow changes and click Submit to save.