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back The Podcast Module allows visitors to listen, download and subscribe to audio files from the website. The most common file format is MP3; it is a small file that still maintains audio quality.

Getting Started
Log into the website and 
activate the podcast module

Start with the basic settings that will affect future podcasts.

On the Admin Bar click Content, from the drop down menu click Podcasts. The Admin Bar displays additional links:

Click Configure, this opens the Edit Podcast Settings page. The following options are available:
Edit default channel link updates the information for the default channel. By default one channel is created when the module is activated. Click here for more information.

Add channel link adds a new channel for a specific audience. e.g. Stories, Music, etc. Click here for more information.

Title field displays as the title of the public page.

Intro text allows for a short message about the podcasts. Insert HTML code to format the message. 

Media Server Path links to a media server to store podcasts.

Categories, Sources, Languages, Bit rates are optional fields and will only help with organizing podcasts.

Public template displays the podcasts in either the admin or article template on the Public Podcast page.

Save button keeps the changes.

Adding a podcast
Click the Add link on the Admin Bar. The Add Podcast page has two tabs:

Main Items
Click here for an example.
1. If additional channels were set up, select a channel from the drop down list.

2. The Title and Speaker fields are required, and display throughout the website and in the media player

3. The Subtitle and Description fields are optional; add the details of the media file.

4. Link the audio file from another media server. Or, click on Choose File to select a file from the desktop.

5. Select file drop down menu includes previously uploaded files to Images & Files in the podcast folder. Click here for more information about Images & Files.

Optional Items
Most of these fields do not display on the ACC website, and vary on apps or programs which visitors use to subscribe to the podcast. 
Summary and Keyword fields assist with search engines listing the podcast. 

File Date is an optional field. If a date is added, it displays in the Public List.

Active Date and Expire Date fields will start and stop displaying the file on the Pubic List on the days selected. 

Duration is an optional field, include the length of the audio file.

Size field is an optional field, include the size of the file.

Related media file includes a document with the podcast in the public list

Show online defaults to Yes; the podcast displays on the public list.

Download defaults to Yes; allows the file to be saved to the visitor's computer.

Thumbnail select from the drop down menu (previously uploaded to Images & Files), or click Choose File to upload a thumbnail.

Save button keeps the changes made to the podcast.

Inactivating and Deleting a Podcast

To inactivate a podcast:
Click Edit on the Admin Bar.

Click on the podcast title. Find the Status drop down menu, and set from active to inactive. The podcast will no longer be visible to visitors on the website. 

Click Save to keep the change.

To delete a podcast permanently:
Edit the podcast and click the red “Delete” button located at the bottom of the page.

Note: When a podcast is deleted, the original file is automatically deleted from the podcast folder.


Displaying the Podcast List
The link for this is podcastlist.php. You can decide what type of link you would like to create. Visit and view the instructions for creating links on the website.